Manufaktura Signage

Łódz, Poland

Entrance signage
Climbing wall
The aim of this large scale project was to transform a formally disused textile factory, Manufaktura, into a 36 hectare retail and leisure destination in the Polish city of Łódz.The industrial heritage was central to the design strategy. The graphic elements developed include identity, wayfinding, large scale environmental signage for the retail, restaurants, cinema, museum and night club.

Building signage exploits the potential to make big statements and brand long distance views, whilst a series of supporting graphic elements add human scale to the imposing architecture.

The playful design additions at Manufaktura have more than one function. They provide a coherent identity to the large campus, they reinforce the development’s brand and they define different destinations within the complex. They have also been appropriated by customers: the branding letters are used as climbing frame, seat, rendezvous point and backdrop for fun personal photographs.

The project has received a prestigious ICSC award for the “Best New Very Large Center”.

Designed for

Virgile and Stone Associates


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