Manufaktura Branding

Łódz, Poland

Symbol Pattern Cappucino stencil
Cast concrete tile
Identity for Manufaktura, formally disused textile factory which has been transformed into a 36 hectare retail and leisure destination in the Polish city of Łódz.

The graphic language and brand image is inspired by Manufaktura's unique history. The raw building materials, industrial legacy and urban purpose of the site are communicated in a contemporary manner, prioritising legibility, clarity, youth and optimism.

At the heart of the Manufaktura masterplan is a 3 hectare Market Square or ‘Rynek’. The new surface of the square is given character through references to its manufacturing heritage. Historic research revealed an elaborate cast iron window grille on the original factory buildings. This pattern has become a part of Manufaktura's branding identity, appearing in various scales and materials throughout the site: specially commissioned cast concrete tiles that enliven key routes across the Rynek, environmental graphics of the commercial centre, promotional literature, stationery and various architectural applications.

The project has received a prestigious ICSC award for the “Best New Very Large Center”.

Designed for

Virgile and Stone Associates


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